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Basic or Advanced Facial or Chemical Peel at Brava Spa (Up to 25% Off)

Choose from the following options:

$36.99 - Basic facial ($50.00 value)

$59.99 - EnergiZen facial ($80.00 value)

$66.99 - Chemical peel ($90.00 value)

During the basic 30-minute treatment, a professional beautician at Brava Spa cleanses and exfoliates the skin before applying a nourishing facial mask designed to relax the client.

The EnergiZen facial, which lasts 60 minutes, includes the basic treatment as well as a blackhead extraction, for cleansed skin that is less prone to pimples and other imperfections.

An additional mask is applied and the facial massage lasts longer. A medical beautician provides the chemical peel after a facial cleaning. The high-quality product eradicates impurities, dead skin and blackheads while reducing the appearance of skin blotches. The treatment is notably efficient against signs of aging and it enhances the complexion by giving it a new radiance. An appeasing mask is then applied to nourish the skin with the nutrients needed for it to rebuild itself.