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Comprehensive Skincare Consultation (30-Minute plus skin analysis)


The best skin care product consultation begins with a comprehensive skin examination and an analysis of the skin type and condition. The consultation will last 30 minutes and address every skin concern you may have.

Your skin is our priority. At Brava Skin &Hair Spa we carry only the best in medical-grade skin care products. We currently carry products from different brands. Visit us and take a look at the products we carry or book a skincare analysis with our resident Skincare Specialist,. We can give you an overview of our available treatments as well as our skincare lines, and tailor a custom regimen based on your goals, specific skin type, and concerns.


At Brava Skin &Hair Spa, we use the latest scalp and hair analysis technology to diagnose the causes of hair loss better and choose the best treatment.

Comprehensive Skincare Consultation includes the following sections.

  • Skin analysis by the latest technology
  • Examine skin health indicators
  • Examine the history of past and present skin problems
  • Prescribing care products in four levels: detergent, moisturizer, treatment and sunscreen


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